Taxonomic groups annotated

Groups with updated annotations

Division Class Who Date Status Version
Alveolata Apicomplexa J. del Campo 2019 Done 4.12
Alveolata Ciliates W. Ting, C. Bachy 2017 Done 4.7
Alveolata Ciliates V. Boscaro, L. Santoferrara, E. Gentekaki and Q. Zhang 2018 Done 4.11
Alveolata Dinoflagellates S. Mordret, D. Sarno 2018 Done 4.9
Rhizaria Collodaria T. Biard 2015 Done 2.0
Rhizaria Foraminifera R. Morard 2019 Planned
Rhizaria Radiolaria M. Mendez Sandin. 2019 Planned
Chlorophyta M.Tragin, A. Lopes dos Santos 2015 Done 3.0
Haptophyta B. Edvardsen 2015 Done 4.0
Stramenopiles R. Massana 2019 Done 4.12
Stramenopiles Diatoms (Chaetoceros) C. Gaonkar 2019 Done 4.12
Stramenopiles Bolidophyceae D. Vaulot 2017 Done 4.6
Stramenopiles Pelagophyceae D. Vaulot 2017 Done 4.6

List of references used to annotate database


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Daniel Vaulot
NTU, Singapore

Focusing on marine (pico)phytoplankton .