Workshop Vancouver 2015

Our first workshop that will take place in Vancouver, Canada from July 19 to 25. This effort brings together taxonomists with expertise in individual lineages that span the eukaryotic tree of life to curate reference 18S rDNA sequences of these lineages by incorporating knowledge of phylogenetic, morphological, and/or environmental contextual data. During the workshop, the working group will integrate the curation efforts on individual eukaryotic groups into a biological data warehouse consisting of curated sequences, flexible taxonomy, and phylogenetic trees and their underlying sequence alignments. We will further use this 18S rDNA reference database to investigate the environmental distribution of eukaryotic microbes from large-scale HTES datasets. Each curator is encouraged to use their curated data to address research questions of interest.


Participants Affiliation
Anna Karnkowska Charles University in Prague
Bente Edvardsen Univeristy of Oslo
Cedric Berney Station Biologique Roscoff - CNRS
Chang Jae Choi Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Elisabeth Hehenberger University of British Columbia
Eric Salomaki University of Rhode Island
Gordon Lax Dalhousie University
Jingwen Pan University of British Columbia
Julia Maritz New York University
Laura M. Walker University of Arkansas
Luciana Santoferrara University of Connecticut
Markus Majaneva University of Helskinki
Martin Kolisko University of British Columbia
Mary Thaler Universitè Laval
Matt Ashworth University of Texas Austin
Olga Flegontova Institute of Parasitology Biology Centre - ASCR
Qianqian Zhang Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research - CAS
Sandra Lindstrom University of British Columbia
Thierry Heger University of British Columbia
Tomas Panek Charles University in Prague
Vasily Zlatogursky Saint Petersburg University
Vera Tai University of British Columbia
Vittorio Boscaro University of British Columbia

Scientific Advisors

Adviser Affiliation
Sina Adl University of Saskatchewan
Matt Brown Mississippi State University
Javier del Campo University of British Columbia
Colomban de Vargas Station Biologique Roscoff - CNRS
Laure Guillou Station Biologique Roscoff - CNRS
Patrick Keeling University of British Columbia
Ramon Massana Institut de Ciències del Mar - CSIC
Laura Parfrey University of British Columbia
Alastair Simpson Dalhousie University

Technical Advisors

Adviser Affiliation
Stephane Audic Station Biologique Roscoff - CNRS
Martin Kolisko University of British Columbia
Daniel Richter Station Biologique Roscoff - CNRS


Javier del Campo
Institute of Evolutionary Biology UPF-CSIC

Focusing on coral microbial ecology.