Welcome to the new PR2 web site

We are very pleased to announce the new PR2 web site. This new website represents a new phase in the life of the project. For months we have been quietly updating the database and releasing new versions on regular basis. We are going to keep doing so but from now on we will announce our releases trough the website, our twitter account @PR2database and our mailing list. PR2 is going to be an active and lively database in constant communication with our final users in order to improve it continuously. We would like to build a community around the PR2 database that includes a wide range of people interested in protists and more widely eukaryotes, from clinical parasitologists to taxonomists and microbial ecologist in order to provide the best curated data and the best tools. As well, another important change in this new phase of PR2 is the integration with EukRef, the 18S annotation initiative, that was announced some months ago. This integration is already happening but one of the most obvious signs of this merge will happen now when the EukRef website will disappear and all the contents will be available from now on at the PR2 web site. The eukref.org domain will remain active and will be redirecting to the PR2 web site.

You will find on the Web site the information which was previously on the PR2 wiki pages as well as on the EukRef web site plus novel information, including:

Please get back to us for any problem you may find or if you have suggestions or comments to improve the site.

Javier del Campo
Institute of Evolutionary Biology UPF-CSIC

Focusing on coral microbial ecology.