metapr2 - a new 18S metabarcode database.

The database contains metabarcodes from 41 datasets corresponding to more than 4,000 samples and 90,000 ASVs.

PR2 version 4.14.0

A new version of PR2 has been released

PR2 version 4.13.0

A new version of PR2 has been released

Announcing pr2-primers - a new interactive primer database.

The database lists about 180 18S rRNA primers and allows to test primer sets against the PR2 database.

R package web site

Detailed documentation on the pr2database web package

Welcome to the new PR2 web site

The new PR2 web site has been launched

The Scientific Committee of PR2 has been formed

Thanks to all the members of the SC who accepted to help us

PR2 version 4.12

Major changes