Announcing pr2-primers - a new interactive primer database.

The pr2-primers web interface.

The PR2 primer database database lists about 180 primers and 80 primer pairs that have been used for eukaryotic 18S rRNA metabarcoding. Performance of primer pairs was tested against two sequence databases: PR2 for eukaryotes and a subset of Silva for prokaryotes. This allowed to determine the taxonomic specificity of primer pairs, the location of mismatches as well as amplicon size. We developed a R-based web application that allows to browse the database, visualize the taxonomic distribution of the amplified sequences with the number of mismatches, and to test any user-defined primer set.


  • Daniel Vaulot:
  • Fréderic Mahé:


Vaulot, D., Mahé, F., Bass, D., & Geisen, S. (2021). pr2-primer : An 18S rRNA primer database for protists. Molecular Ecology Resources, in press. DOI: 10.1111 / 1755-0998.13465

Daniel Vaulot
CNRS, France

Focusing on marine (pico)phytoplankton .