PR2 version 4.13.0

We are very pleased to announce the new PR2 version 4.13.0. This version is a minor release focusing on updating the taxonomy and adding new sequences from the following groups.

  • Dinophyceae, Suessiales (J. del Campo)
  • Stramenopiles, Diatoms, Thalassiosirales (L. Arsenieff)
  • Stramenopiles, Pelagophyceae (Ana Maria Cabello)
  • Stramenopiles, Chrysophyceae (D. Vaulot)

We have also added some new sequences from cultures from the Roscoff Culture Collection and sequences from the Silva database that were identical to existing sequences in PR2. We removed sequences that were either potential chimera or contained more than 2 consecutives N. Finally we added one field adding the Silva taxonomic annotation when available and a small tutorial on how to use this feature has been added the R package documentation.

The complete list of changes is available from here.

We will be soon releasing a new update with more taxonomical updates, stay tuned.

Please let us know of any problem you encounter with this release on GitHub.

Daniel Vaulot
CNRS, France

Focusing on marine (pico)phytoplankton .